Data Science Consulting by Lynn Cherny

I'm a data scientist and visualization design consultant located in Lyon, France. I love finding patterns in complex data and making data visual, comprehensible, and actionable.

Key concepts behind my work:

  • Big data collected, cleaned, loaded somewhere, analysed, and visualized for insights. I deal with a lot of textual/categorical data.
  • Cross-disciplinary: My knowledge overlaps computer science, machine learning and AI, NLP, and social sciences. I keep up with a lot of current data science and AI research, tools, and work in information visualization and NLP (natural language processing).
  • Artistic: I'm following work in creative AI (especially text generation) and storytelling and I like talking about them.
  • Current keywords: Python, R, Spark, NLP, SQL/Elasticsearch/BigQuery/etc, D3.js/javascript, AI (pytorch and tensorflow).

I currently moderate a mailing list for data visualization contract work: data-vis-jobs on Google Groups. If I can't help you, that list might be able to!

My resume in a short-form: Since my Ph.D. at Stanford, I spent about 18 years as a user interface designer and manager and researcher of online communities. I published in that area, including two books; and I worked as a corporate designer and manager of UX designers and researchers for 20 years at companies you've probably heard of, like TiVo, Adobe, and Autodesk. I've been consulting for about 12 years now, broken up by 3 years teaching data visualization as a Knight Fellow at University of Miami and teaching introductory data science and analytics at a business school in Lyon, France.

You can find my work background and more about my consulting on my bio page.

My Blog and Twitter

My blog is the most-often updated part of this site, with links to recent talks and hobby projects. My Twitter account @arnicas has a mix of stuff I find worth passing on in data science, nlp, infovis, stats, and sometimes gender politics and TV.

Articles and Talks

My most recent talks, including invited keynotes, are posted here. I tend to write longer-form articles on Medium these days, and there are a few up about creative AI and data visualization.

Archived talk links and essays from (very) old blog or web postings live on the talks and essays page. Also posted are some photo-travel articles (surprisingly popular!).

Highlights in ancient travel stories include an ill-fated trip to Siberia, a visit with bird fanatics on Fair Isle (north of Scotland), and stories about a haunted house in the Shetland Islands, to which my readers have contributed.