Monday, January 17, 2005

Gigpxl again: Balboa Park Reflecting Pool

I am following myself up with a different picture from the previous site: Balboa Park Reflecting Pool, off Gigapxl. This one is interesting because of the people in it. What people, you say? Scroll down to see all the blowups magnifying bits of the scene till you get to the couple sitting on the bench.

Which makes me muse on privacy assumptions again as these cameras get even better -- most of us don't walk around assuming we're being monitored by hi res spy cameras or listening devices (at least those of us who aren't crypto-paranoids), and so we don't worry that the guy 2 miles away with a big camera is about to capture in living, crisp color the fact that we were sitting on a bench with a strange blonde woman who is not our wife, smoking a cigarette after we said we'd quit. Not to mention that we were caught wearing bad Oakley sunglasses and male pedalpushers at the same time.

I'm just pointing it out.


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